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What does a concrete pouring company do? How do you pour concrete?

Shel Silverstein wrote a poetry book about Where the Sidewalk Ends, but where does the sidewalk begin? 

Here we look at the steps involved with the concrete installation, types of concrete projects, and types of concrete finishing. We’ll also summarize other concrete work Brosco Concrete provides to Southwestern Ontario and the surrounding area.

Steps a Concrete Pouring Company Takes When Pouring Concrete

Concrete pouring company preparing site adding layer of gravel

Site Work

Before pouring concrete, we must prepare the ground properly. This important step helps prevent future problems like heaving because of the type of soil or freeze-thaw cycles. First, we clear the area exposing the earth. Then we add a base layer, if necessary, to ensure the ground is stable and compressed.

Concrete pouring company building form from wood and stakes

Concrete Forming

Next, we set the concrete forms with stakes attached. This step is important to ensure an ideal slope for proper drainage and neat corners where the concrete construction meets other elements.

Concrete truck mixing concrete on site

Concrete Mixing

After the concrete forming is complete, it is time to mix the concrete. It is important to prevent the mixture from settling or hardening until we pour it into the forms.

A simple concrete slab or DIY home improvements may only require a wheelbarrow and shovel with some ready mix. For larger commercial concrete jobs, a concrete pouring company uses a concrete truck to keep the material spinning.

Moving wet concrete into place with tool

Concrete Pouring

As we pour wet concrete into the forms, special tools are used to move the concrete into place, ensuring no voids or air bubbles develop.

Screeding fresh concrete and smoothing it out with bull float

Initial Concrete Finishing

We call the first step of finishing concrete “screeding” using a large board made of metal or wood. This process helps compact the concrete and begins smoothing out the top of the concrete surface.

After screeding, concrete contractors use a special tool called a bull float to level the ridges and fill voids, which makes the final finishing easier.

Concrete contractor smoothing out edges of sidewalk with a trowel


We leave the concrete to rest and firm. Then, using a steel trowel, we create a smooth finish. This step may not be necessary for the concrete pouring company for a simple broom finish.

Using molds to press pattern into new concrete

Final Concrete Finishing

We call the most basic finish a broom finish where a special broom pulled across the surface creates a uniform but rough texture. Other more decorative types offering more variety include textured and stamped concrete. Exposed concrete using exposed aggregate materials is another beautiful option.

coloured stamped concrete curing
Cutting control joints into curing concrete to avoid cracks

Concrete Curing

We refer to letting the concrete harden as the curing process. It takes approximately 28 days or 4 weeks. The first couple of days are critical. That is when we add special curing and sealing chemicals to help the concrete cure properly.

Slow and even curing reduce the chance of cracks and discolouration. Of course, properly placed control joints are important as well. Brosco contractors have many years experience and know what’s best to ensure a high quality finished concrete.

Types of Concrete Projects a Concrete Pouring Company Can Help With

There are many custom concrete projects to consider hiring a concrete company. What’s your next concrete project?


  • Concrete driveways and laneways
  • Sidewalks, walkways, and retaining walls
  • Concrete patios, pool decks, outdoor kitchens and fire pits
  • Porch and steps
  • Warehouse floors, garage floors, and agricultural uses
  • Cleaning, sealing and repairing
3D rendering of a modern house with concrete pool and garden built in different independent levels

Types of Concrete Services Provided by Brosco

Brosco is not just a concrete pouring company. Beyond concrete installation and finishing, we are experts in the following specialty services for concrete repair:

Concrete Slab Raising & Levelling

Raised edges, corners, and cracks create tripping hazards. Instead of costly replacements, polyurethane raising and levelling prolongs the life of your concrete with simple, quick, durable, and cost-effective repairs with minimal disruption.

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Brosco Concrete Pouring Company injecting polyurethane into uneven cracked sidewalk

Soil Stabilization & Void Filling

When the soil beneath your concrete is unstable, this creates voids and cavities. Injecting an expanding polyurethane foam fills these spaces and prevents water infiltration. It’s lightweight and doesn’t add further load to unstable settings. Because it’s waterproof, this solution won’t wash away.

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Injecting polyurethane foam into holes in concrete to fill voids

Waterproofing & Drainage

Looking to repair a leaky basement in need of foundation repair? Our waterproofing work is guaranteed for 25 years and we strive to have the most effective and innovative solutions.

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Concrete Repair waterproofing leaky basement

Specialized Excavation Services

Brosco Concrete provides concrete and asphalt removals services, grading, and other mini excavation and skid steer services. Call us today to see how we can help.

concrete pouring company using skidsteer to break up and remove old cement

Ready to Hire a Professional Concrete Pouring Company?

You can trust Brosco Concrete to provide you with the best service and products no matter what concrete project you want to begin. We are experts in the field of concrete repair and waterproofing. And we take pride in every step of the pouring process from site work to the finish so you can be confident in the quality of the finished product for years to come.


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