Everybody loves a backyard party. In fact, hanging out in the backyard is trending.  With Covid-19 sticking to our circles means we are mostly at home. With so many of us working from our houses or watching our kids there is plenty of time to be outside. The yard is becoming our staycation place of choice.  Despite dinning out as a 3rd phase opening option and electronics as entertainment, people are instead choosing backyard dinner parties and good old-fashioned board game nights.

Backyard parties are a great alternative to a night on the town.

We get tired of being cooped up.  We want to expand our square footage and the easiest way to do that is to extend indoor living to the backyard.  Most of us could definitely use the added entertainment space.  The best way to transform your yard into the ultimate hang out place is with a beautiful stamped concrete patio. Not only will this be great for your social life and add great functionality to your home it also adds valuable equity to your home portfolio.

Landscaped patios are in high demand.  In fact, for several years in a row consumers have ranked having an outdoor living area, like a stamped concrete patio, as their first choice for a special function room.  Landscaped patios are so popular trends show an increase of 10% in the value you will receive when selling your house.  That is like putting all the money you spend on the patio in your pocket if you do plan to sell. Planning to keep your house, it is now worth more plus you an additional room outdoors.

We get tired of being cooped up.

Gathering for a BBQ on your stamped concrete patio is a great way to cut the costs of going out and can be even more fun than a night on the town.  By installing your stamped concrete patio you are not only adding a party space that is a beautiful addition to your home, you are adding resale value to your home as well.  So gather your circle and dine and play games in the yard.  Make your parties a yearly tradition with memories that will extend well beyond its already reasonable pricetag.

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