Waterproofing & Drainage Services

We Will Keep You Dry

We offer exterior waterproofing services in London and the surrounding areas. Basement waterproofing involves removing the soil from around your home's foundation. When the walls and cracks are exposed, we repair them and then install and seal a waterproofing barrier around the foundation. We can then install a weeping tile system that collects and discharges water around the foundation of your home Water in the surrounding soil flows into the weeping tile system and drains into a pipe where a sump pump removes it.

Weeping Tile Waterproofing

Exceptional service backed by years of experience

Our Approach

Over the past 20 years, Brosco Concrete has grown from the go-to company for spray tar coatings on foundations to full foundation dimple board wraps, which have become code on new houses. With this combined experience, we have learned the techniques and procedures necessary to make any basement dry and livable. We strive on having the most effective and innovative systems for your complete foundation repair needs.

Our Promise

● Written estimate prior to waterproofing● Written guarantee upon waterproofing completion!● Guaranteed best results for waterproofing and foundation repair!● All waterproofing work guaranteed for 25 years!● Over 50,000 London and surrounding area foundations repaired and waterproofed

You Won’t Be Disappointed

We Offer These Services


● Sump Pump Pit (Indoor or Outdoor)● French Drain● Sump Pit/Pump Repairs and Installation● Camera Inspection Service / Eel Sewer / Pipe Services

Foundation Waterproof (External)

● Individual Crack in Foundation (Dig-up)● Full Foundation Waterproofing (Dig-up)● Weeping Tile Systems (Replace/ Pressure Cleaning)

Interior/ Internal Sub Drain

● Full Interior Sub Drain Waterproofing● Foundation Crack Injections● Indoor Air Quality Systems

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