Crack Injection Services

Cracks in concrete can be a sign of bigger problems.

When water reaches the interior of your concrete slab, it can lead to severe damage over time. The moisture seeping in causes metal and concrete corrosion of any metal embedded in your slab. It also allows air and soil into the concrete, weakening it and eventually causing cracks to appear in other places on your slab. You may believe that there is nothing you can do about the cracks, but this is not the case! 
Polyurethane concrete crack injection is a method of injecting a polyurethane resin into the concrete via a crack or hole in the slab. The polyurethane resin hardens and fills the crack, providing concrete and metal corrosion protection, stemming from water and other potentially damaging substances. Polyurethane concrete crack injection is an excellent method for repairing cracks in concrete that is also less expensive than replacing the entire slab. 

Concrete Crack Injection & Repair

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Over the past 20 years, Brosco Concrete has grown to be the company for concrete crack filler & injection on foundations. With this combined experience, we have learned the techniques and procedures necessary to make any basement dry and livable. We strive on having the most effective and innovative systems for your complete foundation repair needs.

We Offer These Services

Foundation Crack Injection (External)

● Individual Crack in Foundation (Dig-up)● Full Foundation Crack Injection (Dig-up)

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● Written estimate prior to crack repair injection● Written guarantee upon crack injection completion!● Guaranteed best results for crack injection and foundation repair!● Over 50,000 London and surrounding area foundations repaired and injected