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Concrete Raising and Levelling

Are you thinking about replacing your concrete but worried about lost production and replacement costs? If your concrete is still in good condition, we have the solution for you. We can minimize interruption to your production with little to no downtime saving you in production and replacement cost. Residential properties, in Galt, can use our Polyurethane Foam in various applications. This allows us to handle any of your concrete raising challenges efficiently. Lifting concrete with polyurethane is a fast and effective solution to settled concrete of any shape or size. Brosco's method allows for minimal disruption to your landscaping at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The Way It is Done

Brosco’s Unique Process

Our team will begin by drilling small 5/8’’ holes through the settled slab. Next will inject an environmentally friendly expanding polyurethane foam into the holes to repair the failing subgrade. The polyurethane foam then expands and fills the void beneath the slab. Our operators then accurately control the foam to lift the settled slab to its proper elevation.

Poly Injection Process
Sunken Driveways

Before Levelling

Raised edges can be a serious tripping hazard, especially on a highly used pathway. Concrete levelling with polyurethane is a cost-effective way to improve the look of your concrete and prevent trips and falls.

Before & After Levelling Sidewalk


Our polyurethane concrete levelling services have effectively added years to the strength and durability of this once sunken and settled concrete. It is now safe to use, and the beauty of this natural path can be enjoyed.

Before & After Levelling Driveway

Benefits of Polyurethane Concrete Raising & Levelling

● Smaller holes (5/8’’)● Can be used for interior or exterior slabs● The reduced risk or trip and fall liability● Longer warranty than the traditional method● Impervious to water/ moisture beneath the slab● Resistant to freeze-thaw● Extremely lightweight● Minimal landscaping disruptions● Controlled expansion● Cost-effective

Why Does Concrete Settle & Sink?

● Machinery vibration● Impact of running water● The ground movement caused by plant roots● Freeze-thaw cycles● Damage caused by insects and animals● Insufficient drainage or grading● Poor compaction● Poor excavation / backfilling practices

Levelling Driveway in Process

So Many Applications

Residential Applications

● Driveways● Patios● Pool decks/ surrounds● Sidewalks & Walkways● Concrete steps● Garage floors● Basement floors● And More…

Municipal Applications

● Public pool decks● City park centers● Fire halls● School floors/ walkways● City sidewalks● Bridge approaches● Curb sections● Seawalls/ piers

Commercial Applications

● Warehouse floors● Green Houses● Grain bins● Barn floors ● Commercial sidewalks and entrances● Boat launch bases● Shop/ warehouse floors● Plant/ factory floors● Rocking panels● Office buildings● Apartment floors● Department/ malls stores● Airport tarmacs● Storefronts