Deep Soil Injection Exeter

One Of Our Specialties

Deep Soil Injection Applications

Brosco Concrete uses Deep Soil Injection to restabilize soil that has eroded and is causing concrete slabs to sink. We inject an expanding polyurethane foam deep into the ground to stabilize bases for roads, parking lots and other large concrete slabs that require extra support. The polyurethane foam we use works perfectly in areas with loose soil, soil that has been poorly compacted during construction and areas with excess groundwater, making it the ideal technique for ground stabilization in Exeter, Ontario.

How It Works

Ground and Soil Stabilization

We begin by assessing the area to locate where and determine the depths of the weak soils. Next, rods are driven through the concrete and into the soil at the specific depth required for soil stabilization. We then inject high-density polyurethane foam into the ground below the slab. As the polyurethane foam spreads, it expands and forms a tree root-like structure that effectively compacts the soil from within and binds loose soils to create a stable base.

Soil Stabilization Illustration


Strong/ Light Weight

Polyurethane foam weighs about 2-6lbs. Per cubic ft., standard concrete grout fill material can weigh up to 100-150lbs.


Once injected and cured, polyurethane foam will not wash away as it is hydro-phobic making it impervious to water.


Quick Cure Time

Downtime is minimal. Within 15 – 20 minutes after the polyurethane foam is injected, the area can be ready for use. This makes polyurethane foam perfect for high-traffic areas.


Brosco Concrete's polyurethane foam levelling services offer superior results with minimal mess and no disruption to surrounding areas.

Use it Everywhere

Uses & Applications

• Voids under concrete
• Washed out bridge approach slabs
• Behind replaced concrete wall panel
• Culverts and pipes to be abandoned
• Catch basins and manholes
• Annular spaces — Tunnels
• Main/ Individual unit floors in an apartment building
• Rocking concrete floor panels
• Abandoned mine shafts
• Abandoned culverts, ducts & pipes
• Trench filling/ Wash-outs

Use it at Home

Residential Applications

• Walkways and Steps
• Patios
• Driveways
• Critter Control
• Wash out under basement slabs
• Pool apron & decks