Avoid Snow Plow Damage With Our Services

Avoid Snow Plow Damage With Our Services

You might want to think again and consider getting Brosco Concrete’s snow removal services instead.  Snow plows can cause extensive damage to your lawn, landscaping, irrigation systems and even your driveway.  Also, you are not even likely to know you are wreaking havoc on your property when you do it.  Most people don’t  know it’s until it is too late.

Often the boundaries between the driveway and the lawn can be ill defined.  This is especially true when the snow has really started to pile up.  Snow plow blades can dig in, rip and tear the grass under the snow.  If the plow moves too far onto the grass, tire marks become deep and visible.  Because the snow is over the lawn this damage typically isn’t noticed.  That means this damage is likely to worsen every plow.

Pavers and greenery are at risk when one is unaware of the proper ways to use a snow plow.  Pavers require a special blade so that they are not disturbed.  This is equipment standard users do not have.  Plants and trees can also be a concern.  Most cannot be covered in too much snow as it risks breaking their branches or their chances of making it through winter.

A common placement of lighting and irrigation systems is along the edges of the lawn.  While practical in other seasons this placement becomes a problem when the snow starts flying.  These devices are not usually marked making it difficult to see and know where they are.  With boundaries blurred these devices are bound to get damaged or broken.

Damage to your driveway is possible.  This is particularly if you have any high or low spots on its surface.  The plow could raise up parts or even remove others.  Professionals know how high to set the blade to avoid these problems or even when to adjust the height for the best plow.  Driveway edges are also vulnerable to crumbling if the tires are weighted improperly along it’s divide.