Concrete Leveling

The Economical Fix to an Uneven Driveway

When people start to see uneven or sunken sections in their driveways the go-to answer seems to be to replace it.  We are here to tell you there are better options than a full tear-out.  Brosco Concrete can raise and level your driveway with a price tag that is only a small fraction of a new concrete driveway.  Brosco can make your driveway look nearly new with minimal downtime.


Concrete Driveway Deterioration Happens

When our driveways are new we tend to think that the look will last forever, but unfortunately that is not the reality of things. While concrete is a highly durable material, deterioration over time is normal. The main culprit is water. It creates voids under the slabs that can result in sinking. Common culprits include: downspout drains, compacted soil next to garage foundations, poorly filled in soil, builders having left debris during construction projects. Let Brosco do an evaluation. They take little time and determine the cause, extent, and best method of handling your uneven concrete.

The Best Way

Concrete Driveway Leveling

While some driveways may need replacement or a concrete lift and fill, most driveways can be fixed with a cleaner, less intrusive, more economical solution. Brosco Concrete will choose the method that best meets your needs but find their focus tends to be concrete leveling.
Concrete levelling involves drilling small holes into strategic locations in the concrete and pumping polyurethane underneath them. The concrete is gently lifted back into place. The materials used have the added benefit of providing a solid foundation for your concrete. This means that the repair in turn solves most of the problems that caused the driveway to sink in the first place. The holes are filled with colour matching grout. Lastly, the driveway is cleaned leaving your concrete looking beautiful.

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There are So Many Reasons Concrete Leveling is the Best Solution

  • It is over 50% less than the cost of replacement
  • We can handle any size job
  • Your driveway will be ready the same day
  • Brosco Concrete’s work is guaranteed
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Brosco Concrete is locally owned and operated
  • Brosco Concrete is an insured contractor
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Patented state of the art materials and equipment

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