Patio / Walkway Void Fill – Lake Ontario Washout!

Patio / Walkway Void Fill – Lake Ontario Washout!

You could hide so many things under this Ontario residents walkway and patio. Voids measuring 45 – 50 inches were found under a patio / walkway that was poured up against the shores of Lake Ontario with only Armour Stone to retain the soils.

Over the course of 5 – 7 years, soil washed out from beneath the slabs creating voids you could literally crawl into.

With our PolyLevel technology from Supportworks, we were able to drill 5/8″ holes into the concrete to fill the void and prevent any future settlement.

The patio was located 280′ away from the road where our equipment was located. We injected just over 400lbs of Polyurethane foam to stabilize the concrete. Because our material is impervious to water, it will not wash away or break down.

Provided is a 5 Year warranty for our customer.

If you are noticing settlement issues around your property – Request your free quote today!

Project Description

Location: Burlington
Year Completed: 2019