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6 Awesome Ways to Use Your Patio Alone

A backyard concrete patio is a fantastic addition to any yard.  We use patios for parties, family BBQs, and a place to play games or to lounge with our friends.  It is a socially booming place to be.  But it doesn’t have to be.  We are so busy using our yards as a hangout that we forget we can use it when we are alone.  In fact, a patio is a marvelous place to enjoy solo.  It can be a private and quiet place to unwind or a place in the yard where you can enjoy some of your favorite activities.  Here is a list of a few ways you can enjoy your life a little more by spending some time alone on the patio.


Patios are ideal for just about any kind of exercise.  The sunshine and outdoor air invigorate and provide more energy.  A patio can be a nice change to the stuffiness of the four walls of the gym and save you drive time and gas.  Working outdoors will vary your workout.  Whether you are looking to get or stay in shape or maintain it, a backyard patio is a perfect place to get buff.


Looking up at the night sky is a spectacular way to spend a few hours alone.  Many people worry they need complete darkness to stargaze, and while your patio is a little further away from the streetlight, full darkness is not required to see stars.  The darkness and the quiet can settle the nerves.  If you do not have a telescope you can start with binoculars.  The internet has a wealth of information on how to get started if you are new.  Whether a newcomer or an avid night sky watcher your concrete patio can help you unlock your stargazing potential.


Life is so full of stress.  Between work, home, noise, and activity levels we can be overwhelmed at times.  Your concrete patio can be your much-needed escape.  Being an addition to your house, a patio lets you sneak away to find some alone time for meditation.  It is a great place to practice specific methods like yoga but is just as good a place for just closing your eyes and resting.  Inhale and exhale the natural environment your concrete patio provides.


Curl up on your patio with a book.  It can be a paper one, Kindle, or another digital device.  On tablets use airplane mode to avoid distractions.  The outdoors naturally provide you a way to find peace and quiet.  Get outside on your concrete patio and catch up on your reading.  Whether it be a novel, biography, or whatever you have not found time and space for.  Your patio is the place to do it.

Bird Watching

When you need to get away from it all you might find you enjoy the solitude of birdwatching from your backyard patio.  You will be surprised how many birds you can see in your backyard.  A field guide can help and the internet is also a great resource to get started.  Keep in mind birds vary by region and season to season.  You might consider adding a birdhouse or feeder.  This is an activity you can do on your patio year-round.


Want a great tan.  What better way to get it than in the privacy of your own yard.  Enjoy your seclusion while bronzing the colour of your skin.  Don’t forget to use sunscreen and keep your skin healthy by treating it right.

A Smart Way to Create Indoor-Outdoor Flow Using Concrete

Take back your yard with a smooth concrete patio. Most city dwellers can relate to having smaller yards than they might like.  A small yard of grass is really not that functional.  Grass yards are just plain underutilized as grass does not provide much functionality.  People have to get innovative to make the most of their space.  That space is better used as an extension of the indoors.  The best way to modernize your yard is to give it indoor-outdoor flow.

Outdoor patios are typically used as an outdoor living area.  You can create an area to cook and an area to lounge with friends.  A concrete patio adds comfort, beauty, and functionality to your property.  In-regards to resale value having an outdoor living area, or concrete patio, is highly sought after.  People want to bring the indoors out.

Integrating your patio with your interior elements can be seamless when one makes the concrete patio level with the floor inside the house.  The levelness allows for a recessed track to be installed. The smoothness of the concrete patio next to the indoor floor creates a modern, elegant, and appealing surface.  The transition looks nearly seamless, unblemished.  Not only are you choosing beauty by leveling the indoor and outdoor areas you are also eliminating a tripping hazard, a common problem that we all experience entering and exiting through sliding backdoors.

Concrete is the material to choose for your perfect indoor-outdoor flow.  Concrete is fabulous for its looks alone.  It provides a lot of versatility in colour and texture.  Although for indoor to outdoor flow we do recommend you go smooth and shiny.  Also, choose colours that complement the interior of your house to ensure a flow of the colour patterns as well.  Beyond its architectural qualities concrete is has many features that make it the right choice.  It is durable, withstanding cracking, shifting and fading.  It is low-maintenance and also it is economically friendly compared to its counterparts.

Concrete patios leveled to be the same height as you back sliding door offer elegance.  It presents an up-scale vibe that creates a tremendous amount of cub appeal.  Make your indoor-outdoor transition flow by calling Brosco Concrete today.

Unexpectedly Raise your House Value With a Concrete Patio

Everybody loves a backyard party.  In fact, hanging out in the backyard is trending.  With Covid-19 sticking to our circles means we are mostly at home.  With so many of us working from our houses or watching our kids there is plenty of time to be outside.  The yard is becoming our staycation place of choice.  Despite dinning out as a 3rd phase opening option and electronics as entertainment, people are instead choosing backyard dinner parties and good old-fashioned board game nights.

Backyard parties are a great alternative to a night on the town.

We get tired of being cooped up.  We want to expand our square footage and the easiest way to do that is to extend indoor living to the backyard.  Most of us could definitely use the added entertainment space.  The best way to transform your yard into the ultimate hang out place is with a beautiful stamped concrete patio.  Not only will this be great for your social life and add great functionality to your home it also adds valuable equity to your home portfolio.

Landscaped patios are in high demand.  In fact, for several years in a row consumers have ranked having an outdoor living area, like a stamped concrete patio, as their first choice for a special function room.  Landscaped patios are so popular trends show an increase of 10% in the value you will receive when selling your house.  That is like putting all the money you spend on the patio in your pocket if you do plan to sell.  Planning to keep your house, it is now worth more plus you an additional room outdoors.

We get tired of being cooped up.

Gathering for a BBQ on your stamped concrete patio is a great way to cut the costs of going out and can be even more fun than a night on the town.  By installing your stamped concrete patio you are not only adding a party space that is a beautiful addition to your home, you are adding resale value to your home as well.  So gather your circle and dine and play games in the yard.  Make your parties a yearly tradition with memories that will extend well beyond its already reasonable pricetag.

Pool Deck Enhancements

Sometimes concrete pool decks surround the pool like a safety walkway that contours the edges of your pool.  But other times concrete pool decks are merely the primary framework for a multitude of activities you do in your backyard.  It is important to take some time to think about the activities you may be doing around your pool before having Brosco Concrete poor your pool deck.

Consider Landscaping

Plants add a soft contrast to concrete landscapes.  They add interest and focal points and give the feel of a private destination retreat.  When you plan your deck know where you want these natural focal points to be located.  Keep in mind that plants can act like barriers providing a living wall and desired privacy.  Variegated and textured plants will catch the most attention.  While beautiful using flowers is not ideal as they attract bees.  Plants can be nuzzled next to the deck in the ground or in raised planter boxes or pots.  Vary heights for visual interest.

So Many Uses

Once you have a pool, the pool deck will be the area you spend most of your time in, in your backyard.  There are so many things you can do there: eat with friends, hangout, lounge, sunbathe, hot tub, bbq, have a fire.  Consider all the potential purposes of use before installing your concrete pool deck.  Know how many people you envision doing these activities at a time and prepare the pool deck to accommodate the amount of people and furniture required to do the activities you envision sharing there.  Consider location to the house and surroundings for each of these activities as well.  Each activity you add drastically enhances the function and instructiveness of your pool deck.

Mood Lighting

You may want to create some ambiance to go with your pool deck investment.  Adding fiber optic lighting around the pool and surrounding area might be something you want to consider before having your concrete pool deck installed.  Ponder inlaid round lights.  Contemplate lighting up pathways to illuminate the walking areas.  You could add a touch of whimsy up-lighting surrounding trees.  For a moonlit effect, mercury vapor light placed high up to create a soft effect.  Lighting is definitely something to consider when making your pool deck enhancement list.

Bring the Outdoors In

If your pool is near your house enhance your pool deck with outdoor furniture that looks like indoor furniture.  Plan to create a living room on your concrete pool deck taking ideas and colours that match and extend your indoor decor.  Another idea, bring the indoors out by installing an outdoor bar on your deck.  To be comfy like inside you will need some shade so don’t forget an umbrella, a gazebo, or some type of canopy.

Relaxing Vibes

Adding a stereo system around a pool is not uncommon either.  Consider speaker placement in relation to the pool deck.  But there are other soothing sounds you might want to think about.  You might want to go all out with a water feature.  Waterfalls add tricking noises that are not only relaxing but can drown out the unwanted sounds from surrounding areas.

Backyard Playground

If you have many play zones in mind for your yard you might want to expand your pool deck to be a backyard play deck.  Adding a basketball or tennis court as an extension next to the pool makes your backyard a stunning concrete play area.  Kid’s playsets are also a great choice to include in concrete pool deck extensions.

A pool deck is so much more than a place to jump into the pool from.  Make sure you think and plan for the multitude of ways a concrete pool deck can enhance your yard.  You will be glad you took the time to design when you see just how much a concrete pool deck can do for you, your friends, and your family.

How to Make Your Cement Pool Deck Safe

Every parent is instilled with a little bit of fear as they watch their children running around in their bathing suits on the pool deck.  If honest, adults are pretty conscious about not slipping themselves too. The reality is pools come with a degree of responsibility, mandatory cleaning, and maintenance.  Safety is the owner’s responsibility and no one wants any accidents.  Here are a few tips to help ease your mind by making your concrete pool deck safer for all the fun summer can bring.

Deck Material

Textured concrete is an obvious and very popular choice for pool surrounds.  It is affordable, matches many aesthetics and most importantly it isn’t slippery.

The more texture you add the less slippery it is.  Adding aggregates to concrete-like stones, rocks and pebbles are both beautiful and practical.  This is your safest concrete pool deck option.

But don’t rule out the attractiveness of stamped concrete because of its smoothness.  There are several techniques and products you can use to make a stamped surface less slippery when wet.  There are non-slip additives that can be added to sealants to add grip leaving this luxurious pool deck as a viable safe option.



For the safety of your family and friends always have a professional re-seal your pool deck. A professional knows the correct amount of sealant to use.  Over-sealed pool decks can become too slippery causing a loss of traction.  Concrete needs to be resealed every 2 to 3 years depending on weather exposure. It is especially important to keep up with sealants when tey has non slip coatings.  A professional will know when it is required.  You can choose and maintain a pool deck that won’t lead to injuries.  Keeping up with pool deck maintenance is an important part of pool safety.


Brosco Concrete cares about your family’s safety and will install a deck that will significantly reduce any chance of injuries so you have less to worry about and can enjoy your summer.

concrete driveway

Summertime Is the Perfect Opportunity to Refinish Your Driveway

Straight From Snow To Summer

It seems like just yesterday our driveways were covered in snow and ice.  It is as if Canada skips spring altogether.  But now that the summer weather is here it is time to refinish your driveway before we get back to our inevitable cold Canadian weather.  Make the most of the season and call in Brosco Concrete today.

Because of ice and snow scaling on driveways is inevitable over time.  It is a common problem.  Scaling happens when freezing and thawing of the finished surface of hardened concrete flakes results in peeling.  To fix and prevent the problem the surface needs to be ground and a sealant needs to be applied.

It seems like just yesterday our driveways were covered in snow and ice.  It is as if Canada skips spring altogether.  But now that the summer weather is here it is time to refinish your driveway before we get back to our inevitable cold Canadian weather.  Make the most of the season and call in Brosco Concrete today.

Because of ice and snow scaling on driveways is inevitable over time.  It is a common problem.  Scaling happens when freezing and thawing of the finished surface of hardened concrete flakes results in peeling.  To fix and prevent the problem the surface needs to be ground and a sealant needs to be applied.

Call In The Professionals

There are many good reasons a professional should be left for this job.  You cannot just focus on problem areas.  The whole driveway needs to be ground.  This is a lot of work that results in quite a mess.  Additionally, ensuring that the grinding looks unswerving and is consistently level can be harder than one might imagine.  Inexperienced homeowners may also not know how smooth or rough to leave the concrete before sealing which can later affect traction.  Brosco Concrete has all the tools, know-how, and equipment to ensure the job is done right.  We are neat and organized while we work.  You will have no evidence of the messy job it is.  When done, we leave your driveway looking smooth, shiny, meticulously finished.

Summer Provides Ideal Conditions For Concrete Refinishing

To seal a concrete driveway properly you need a great temperature and weather conditions.  This is why summertime is an excellent time for concrete driveway refinishing.  Brosco Concrete will grind your concrete and apply a sealant or polish that will give your driveway added protections and aesthetic appeal for years to come.  By grinding the concrete surface and applying a sealant you both fix scaling and prevent it from happening in the future.

Pet Smell in Concrete

Removing Animal Pee Smell From Concrete

Let’s face it.  Sometimes we don’t keep up with our concrete maintenance so basement and garage floors might not be finished as often as they should.  Unfortunately, this leaves our concrete floors porous like a sponge, able to absorb almost anything.  When urine sinks in and sit it crystalizes and even bonds to concrete making those awful smells particularly tricky to get out.  The problem is in order to reseal the concrete the smells need to be evacuated first.  So how do we do that?

Concrete Odor


Find The Pee

Yeah, I am sure you could do some of this by smell but the best way do this is with a UV light.  Hold it about 2 feet above the floor.  You are looking for greenish bluish light.  Outline these spots with chalk.

Cleaning New Messes

If the pee is fresh put on some gloves and treats the job like most general spills in your house.  Grab some paper towels and soak up as much as you can.  It is best not to scrub to avoid pushing the pee deeper into the concrete where paper towels will not reach.  Follow up spraying and wiping with a disinfecting cleaner.  Bleach and water used cautiously also works.  Do not use ammonia as urine contains ammonia and this will only amplify its smell.

Cleaning Messes That Have Been Sitting

This is where standard cleaning methods do not cut it.  Removing soaked in urine is a three-step process.

The first thing to do is to scrub the entire area of the pee stain with TSP.  This step prepares the area to let the real cleaning begin.   First, put some gloves on.   Next, grab yourself a scrub brush and a bucket of very warm water. Mix ½ cup TSP with 5 liters of water.  Apply to concrete and scrub.  This should remove the bacteria yellowish stain from the surface of the concrete.  Now the concrete is prepared for its deep clean.

This time we will use the same solution but let it sit and soak into the smell that is deep inside the concrete.  It needs time to be able to seep into the same paths the urine followed.  It will take at least 10 minutes.  Because the cleaner is mixing with the crystals user the concrete it may start to stink even worse.  Surprising, this is how you know it is working.  After the time is up clean up any excess water.  Use a shop vac if you have one.  Let the area dry 24 hours.

The only way to truly evacuate animal urine is with an enzymatic cleaner.  The more concentrated the better.  Saturate your chalk zones and lay some down just outside the edges for efficiency.  The trick from here is to not let the cleaner dry out. Cover poured cleaner with garbage bags to keep the area wet.  Hopefully, the area is damp for at least 10 minutes.  Once absorbed let the cleaner do its magic for about 3 hours.    The uric acid crystals must all be broken down by the enzymes soaking into the concrete.  Once broken down these undesirable chemicals break down into carbon dioxide and water which easy for us will disintegrate on their own.

Make it Smell Good Again

Although not necessary I highly recommend deodorizing after cleaning pet urine.  Additionally, there may still be a smell in the air from cleaning and it will take care of that.  There are many pet odor eliminators designed for pet odour that works really well.  Apply it to the concrete surface and wipe it around.

pet odours in concrete

Seal Concrete from Urine Odours

Don’t take the change of urine smell returning.  Seal garage or basement floors with coatings by Brosco Concrete.  These coatings will prevent odour molecules from penetrating the surface because they are not breathable.  Make sure to let us know pet odours are a concern so we can make sure Brosco Concrete chooses the best sealant for you and your pet.

Epoxy V. Paint for Concrete Garage Floors

Epoxy V. Paint for Concrete Garage Floors

Concrete garage floors are for more than parking cars and storing lawn care equipment. Garage floors have many jobs to do.  They need to stand up to salt, ice, dirt, gasoline, de-icer, antifreeze, motor oil, and other contaminants.  Also, most garages are not heated so the freeze and thaw cycles affect them.

A garage floor installed by Brosco Concrete is carefully planned, installed, and cured and should have no issues providing years of performance without cracking.  It will stand up to the toughest conditions in any climate.  That being said upon install or even down the road having Brosco Concrete apply a floor covering can add many benefits and years of life to your garage floor.

Epoxy Coated Garage Floors

We recommend investing the extra money and surfacing your garage floor with epoxy.  Epoxy provides a showroom-like floor finish and a great amount of protection. A smooth, seamless, and waterproof surface. It is the way to go with an application after an initial install to prevent any environmental or use damage from ever occurring.  It also revives old floors tremendously.


Epoxy doesn’t need reapplication for many, many years.  You can’t match epoxy’s durability to resist daily wear.


Epoxy offers a beautiful glossy finish. In addition, there are endless possibilities in augmenting its potential using decorative patterns, flakes or glitters.


Epoxy floor coverings are super easy to clean.  The surface is non-porous allowing grease, dirt, and dust to be sprayed or wiped off easily.


Epoxy floors do not soak up chemicals making them an excellent choice for anyone who might be doing mechanical work in their garage.  Leaky cars or spilling accidents should not be a concern.


Epoxy’s glossy coating improves the light visibility in your garage.  The coating is also resistant to impact, heat, and fire.

Painted Concrete Garage Floors

If you want a transformation on a budget paint is the way to go.  It will improve the overall look and provide moderate protection but as you might guess this coating will not last very long.  Paint is susceptible to both heat and chipping.  So plan on painting at least once a year.  Paint is one of the oldest and still very popular ways of brightening up a garage and giving it an appearance you can be proud of.

While the frequent painting is a downfall there are benefits. There are countless colour varieties to choose from providing personalization to your home.  In addition, adding anti-skid media can help out with our wet and snowy climate concerns.  Concrete creates dust and so do workbenches, and a paint coating will make your floor dustless.  No more tracking dust into the home from the garage.

There is No Wrong Choice

There are so many advantages to adding a coating to your concrete garage floor.  Think about which product would be best for you and consult Brosco Concrete about all your concrete garage coating options.  Whatever your choice, you will be getting an attractive floor that is easier to clean, prevents dust, and adds extra attractiveness to your home.

Amazing Concrete Driveway

5 Ways You Can Have an Amazing Concrete Driveway

One of the best feelings in the world is coming come, finally pulling into our driveways after a full day of hard work.  Why not cherish this moment in style?

There are so many classy and unique styles concrete driveways can take on.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at what is out there.  Discuss the multitude of options with professionals like Brosco Concrete.  Take the time to consider design, installation, and payment options. You deserve to come home to an elegant inviting driveway.

Check out the choices below.  There is a style and a budget for everyone.  Once you have an idea of what you want call Brosco Concrete because they know how to install a driveway that will catch the eyes of everyone who visits your home.

Stencilled Patterns

Whether you are working with an existing driveway or desire a new one stencils are an option that offers plenty of diversification.  There are many patterns to choose from and those patterns can be combined to create new ones.  Also, stenciling offers the opportunity to use several colours.  So many ways to make your driveway truly unique.   Stencils can also be used to create the look of pavers or stone.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete can be added on top of well-maintained older driveways or be the focus of your new driveway.  You can duplicate the beauty and texture of slate, tile, brick, cobblestone, wood, and other materials.  In addition, combining stamped concrete with stenciling can add even more depth to the surface.  From the street, it can be hard to tell the difference between your stamped driveway and natural stone pavers.  That being said your full pocketbook will definitely know the difference.

Pebbled Concrete

Pebbled concrete is more well- known in the industry as exposed aggregate.  This technique has been perfected and used for quite a while and is still a popular choice.  It can be used for a full driveway or combined with other techniques for a variety of decorative effects. You can choose a single colour or opt for mixing colors to create an attractive driveway.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete offers a dramatic but economical change to concrete driveways.  A large variety of colours are available that offer a deep long-lasting colour.   While not as textural as many concrete decor options staining can transform your driveway to the look of natural stone.  The look of marble and granite can also be created by swirling the stains.

Painted Concrete

The easiest and most inexpensive way to add style to your concrete driveway is to paint it.  Painting is also an option to add uniqueness to stenciling and stamping projects.  The great thing about paint is there is no limit to the available colours.  Whether you are using natural or vibrant tones paint will give you a spectacular end result.

Can I Upgrade My Existing Concrete Patio to a Stamped Concrete Patio?

Can I Upgrade My Existing Concrete Patio to a Stamped Concrete Patio?

Did you know you can upgrade an existing concrete patio to a stamped concrete patio?

Concrete patios have their own attractiveness but nothing matches the aesthetic of a beautiful stamped concrete patio.  Stamped overlays can convert regular concrete slabs that are in good condition to look the same as conventional stamped concrete. You can duplicate the beauty and texture of slate, tile, brick, cobblestone, wood, and other materials without having to replace your concrete.

Stamped Concrete Overlays Go Beyond Patios

Concrete overlays are so versatile they can be used on new or existing concrete for both interior and exterior surfaces.  They can even be applied to walls and other vertical surfaces.  So you may have started out thinking you wanted your patio done but soon realize you might rather upgrade the appearance of plain concrete driveways, walkways, pool decks, interior floors, and even retaining walls.

Do Not Attempt To Do It Yourself

In order to get aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting results, concrete work should be left to the professionals.  When stamping concrete is there is a limited time to work as the concrete dries.  Brosco is capable of finishing the job on time without mistakes, producing a finish you will be proud of.

Stamped Concrete Adds Years of Durability When Maintained

Not only does adding a stamped concrete overlay update your look it adds strength to the existing surface making it extra durable.  To maintain the look and protect it from damage coat with a penetrating sealer every two to three years.  Maintain regularly by simply sweeping and washing with water.

Stamped Concrete is Not Always the Best Option For Existing Concrete

Not all concrete surfaces meet the requirements for a concrete overlay.  Older concrete slabs in bad condition with large cracks or severe settlement are not a viable option for stamped overlays.  But that doesn’t mean there is not still room for improvement.  Settlement can always be taken care of, it is one of Brosco Concretes areas of expertise.  Brosco Concrete can repair damage adding years of life and looks to your concrete surroundings.