Business closed for the winter?

Re-open for concrete renovations.

Max Your Down Time

While your customers and workers might be away while it is cold, you can spend winter getting ready for when they come back. It is prime time for concrete raising and leveling with Poly-Level Polyurethane. Seasonal attractions often shut down for the winter. Factories tend to be less active and production tends to slow down this time of year. This lack of productivity can be made up in other ways. Instead of shutting down your business during regular seasonal months use your down time for maintenance and repairs. Winter is the best time to get concrete lifting and leveling done with Poly-Level Polyurethane. This means no down time for concrete work during your money making hours. Maximize your profits and get your concrete lifted this winter by a reputable company like Brosco Concrete.

What to Get Done

There are many areas you might want to consider renovating to keep your business running smoothly and safely.  Chances are your businesses could use a little concrete raising or lifting. Here are some just some areas you might want to inspect.  If you see any unevenness in these areas you are in need of concrete work.

Here are just some examples.

Settled Concrete Parking Lots
Concrete Loading Areas
Trip Hazards on Differentially Settled Walking Paths
Settled Shop or Plant Floors
Rocking Floor Panels
SinkHole Remediation
Strengthening Hollow Core Block Walls
Fill in Voids Under Concrete Slabs

There is no better time when it comes to the bottom line.

While getting concrete work done over the winter may seem counterintuitive it is actually the ideal time.  No need to shut down and lose profits during months with regular open hours.  Maximize your profits by getting your concrete work done while it’s too cold for business as usual.  Now that you know what areas of your business might need some concrete raising and leveling work, consider inspecting your business for work you might want booked this winter. 

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