It is hard to imagine an industrial building without thinking of vast amounts of concrete, a lot of that being the seamless concrete floors. We walk all over them, usually without any thought of their importance to the company. While well known for their durability, ability to handle heavy traffic and loads as well as resistance to abrasion, even concrete, like the other factory equipment breaks down.

The good news is winter is about the best time of year to get an inspection done. Most industries have cut back or have down time in the winter. Getting an inspection done while visibility is increased due to less worker presence is an asset. Especially if the inspection is followed up by concrete work. Using down time to have maintenance done means your not losing money after having to shut down for repairs.

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Is this a flaw or is this real damage?

Take a Look Around

When you yourself look around for concrete problems the difficulty lies in knowing if the issues you see have stabilized with a low chance of future problems or if there is a high likelihood things will get worse. In looking for problem areas it can help knowing what kinds of things might cause concrete issues and also what that damage might look like.

Here are some areas you may have concrete damage that could require professional attention.

  • Gouges 
  • Insufficient reinforcement
  • Chloride attack
  • Chemical damage
  • Carbonation
  • Weather exposure
  • Impact damage
  • Tire Stains
  • Slants
  • Unevenness
  • Excessive loads
  • Structural damage
  • Fire damage
  • Seismic damage
  • Blast damage
Know Your Structural Integrity

Here is a list of some of the problems you might encounter if you do a preliminary inspection yourself…


Construction Errors














Pop Outs



Prevent Greater Damage

If you have any doubts remember prevention is a lot more affordable than cure.  Call in an inspector from a professional concrete company, like Brosco Concrete.  Small repairs can prevent huge problems.  Moderate problems can lead to even larger ones.  Plus there are many benefits to having smooth reliable concrete floors for your industrial business.

Fix It Up

Forward Thinking With So Many Benefits.

Having reliable flooring can increase productivity and reduce operating costs.  It also eliminates safety hazards and in turn legal ones. Having roughed up concrete can slow down movement across your company and result in vehicle damage.  When vehicles are having mobility issues it wears on the drivers making their jobs more difficult and increasing the chances of accidents.  Lift trucks and fore cliff tires are too soft for rough surfaces and will need more replacing.  Cracks and crevasses require extra cleaning so are increasing your housekeeping costs.  It can be surprising how many areas of production and income are affected by having reliable concrete floors.

Is It Inspection Time for Your Industrial Concrete Floor?

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