Every parent is instilled with a little bit of fear as they watch their children running around in their bathing suits on the pool deck.  If honest, adults are pretty conscious about not slipping themselves too. The reality is pools come with a degree of responsibility, mandatory cleaning, and maintenance.  Safety is the owner’s responsibility and no one wants any accidents.  Here are a few tips to help ease your mind by making your concrete pool deck safer for all the fun summer can bring.

Deck Material

Textured concrete is an obvious and very popular choice for pool surrounds.  It is affordable, matches many aesthetics and most importantly it isn’t slippery.  The more texture you add the less slippery it is.  Adding aggregates to concrete-like stones, rocks and pebbles are both beautiful and practical. This is your safest concrete pool deck option.  But don’t rule out the attractiveness of stamped concrete because of its smoothness.  Here are several techniques and products you can use to make a stamped surface less slippery when wet.  There are non-slip additives that can be added to sealants to add grip leaving this luxurious pool deck as a viable safe option.


For the safety of your family and friends always have a professional re-seal your pool deck. A professional knows the correct amount of sealant to use.  Over-sealed pool decks can become too slippery causing a loss of traction.  Concrete needs to be resealed every 2 to 3 years depending on weather exposure. It is especially important to keep up with sealants when they has non slip coatings.  A professional will know when it is required.  You can choose and maintain a pool deck that won’t lead to injuries.  Keeping up with pool deck maintenance is an important part of pool safety.


Brosco Concrete cares about your family’s safety and will install a deck that will significantly reduce any chance of injuries so you have less to worry about and can enjoy your summer.

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