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Brosco Concrete is first choice in Concrete Levelling, Concrete Finishing, Drainage and Waterproofing in the London and Surrounding area.  As such we know a lot about concrete.  Whether it is about concrete in general or about a concrete installation we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about concrete.

We want you to understand how smart of an investment concrete really is and the best way to do that is to ask questions.  Here are some questions we get a lot.  So read below to learn some basics about concrete from the questions of the minds of some of our most curious clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is concrete a good investment?

Concrete requires little maintenance and can last up to 30 years.  This makes it a smart investment that saves you money in the long run.  It also makes for a lot less upkeep repetition throughout the years than your other options.  It all adds up to a great investment.

What is concrete made of?

Concrete is made of cement, water and, either aggregate or sometimes sand.  Aggregate consists of crushed up rocks. Cement is a powder used to bind concrete together.  So there you have it, cement and concrete are not the same thing.  Cement is in fact only an ingredient used to create concrete.

Are concrete and cement different?

The interchanging of these two words is all too common a mistake.   Concrete and cement are very different.  Cement is a powder made from burning clay and lime.  Cement is a key ingredient in concrete, but does not make up it’s whole.  You can’t build a driveway or patio with concrete alone.  

How is concrete different from asphalt?

Concrete is so much more versatile than asphalt.  For one, concrete can be used indoors and out.  Concrete has almost unlimited decorative ability whereas asphalt has only one look.

What is decorative concrete?

You would not even believe the number of possibilities or artistic expression you can achieve with concrete.  You can dye it, stain, stamp it, and texture it.  You can make it look like brick, stone or wood for a fraction of the cost.  It improves curb appeal and resale value of homes and buildings alike.

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