Why Spring Brings Basement Leaks

Why Spring Brings Basement Leaks

Even a small amount of snow melting brings in gallons and gallons of water pooling, inevitably looking to seep into the ground. Spring thaw water has to go somewhere and unfortunately some of the time that’s in your basement.

When snow melts rapidly in the spring the water is limited in where it can go because the ground is still frozen and it cannot permeate below.  There are two main reasons your foundation is waters primary target. One, foundations are warm. Two, the soil around your house is not compacted.

Foundation Temperature

Your house throws off heat. Unfortunately, the foundation of your house causes the soil around it to warm up so it thaws more quickly than the rest of the soil in your backyard. The result is the soil next to your house unfreezes first inviting pooling water to percolate into the ground and lay next to your foundation.

Another invitation to let water gather next to the foundation is the soil density.  When a house was built the ground around it was untouched for perhaps even millennia.  It was super compact ground.  So when a hole is dug for foundation air pockets are added and the soil becomes much less dense.  Water can move into these pockets and loose soil much more easily than the compact ground of the rest of your yard again making your foundation a likely target for the spring thaw.

Given the increased chances of water gravitating towards your foundation it is not surprising to find water in basements.  If the slightest grading problem or foundation problem exists then water, finding the path of least resistance, will make its way into your house.

Water can come in in many ways, sometimes serious sometimes not. Worst case scenario large volumes of water underground can push through around the footings of your house requiring excavation.  But often your issue might be as simple as a crack in the foundation or seepage through the pores of the concrete.  It might be your foundation settling, pressure from tree roots or issues with the seams of poured foundation walls.

Whether you want to take preventative measures, require excavation or waterproofing, or even just an inspection when it comes to basements, leaks doesn’t mess around. Call in the professionals at Brosco Concrete. Your house is too big of an investment to risk.