Simple Greenhouse Concrete Repair Solutions

Simple Greenhouse Concrete Repair Solutions

Commercial greenhouse concrete repair and maintenance are critical to any growing facility. The floor must provide a solid foundation for the weight it bears and the traffic it handles. This is the key to efficiency and safety.

If you rush to build a foundation, stability is at risk. When the base isn’t stable, doors don’t close, and windows can’t open. Issues with levelling increase the risk of glass breaking or panels coming loose. All this adds up to potentially expensive greenhouse concrete repair.

But, when you prepare the ground properly, you shouldn’t have issues with drainage, puddles, or pests. You also reduce the chance of voids and weakening concrete over the long term.

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Many agricultural operations built greenhouses too quickly and didn’t cut the base down far enough. Rushed construction can lead to concrete settling and voids under the slabs.

Surfaces damaged by repeated forklift traffic are also quite common. As a result, heavy forklift traffic causes ground movement and impacts the joints between concrete slabs, which can crack under loads exceeding capacity.

  1. Employees driving a forklift feel every bump and notice more stress on their body when driving over damaged concrete repeatedly.
  2. Forklift tires perform best on smooth surfaces so premature wear and tear on equipment can be expected if concrete floors are not maintained.
  3. The risk of damage to the product while moving it increases because of uneven floors.

Whether you need to fill voids or stabilize the joints between slabs, Brosco Concrete polyurethane foam is an excellent solution for greenhouse concrete repair. A simple polyurethane foam is considerably lighter than other solutions so it’s less stressful to the compromised foundation. It eliminates movement and provides more support to slabs and joints because it takes longer to expand and improves coverage.

This may seem like a costly investment, but it’s worth it considering:

  1. Less equipment repair
  2. Safer, more efficient operations

When compared to concrete replacement, polyurethane foam is considerably less expensive and much faster. Quick application and clean-up will have you back in business in no time.