Need to Stabilize Soil After a Concrete Installation? Use PolyLevel

Need to Stabilize Soil After a Concrete Installation? Use PolyLevel

Soil erosion is a serious problem that can sneak up on us from below concrete slabs.  It might be your walkway, driveway, patio or foundations.  It could even be sidewalks, walkways runways or roads.  But when concrete slabs need to be levelled PolyLevel is the answer.

There are four general causes that tend to leave concrete unlevel when it comes to soil erosion. Poor backfilling practices during installation and excavation can result in soil foundations not being firm or may leave them uneven sometimes.  Years later air pockets can still occur from settling of inadequately compacted soils.  An additional problem leading to soil erosion is plumbing leaks.  Sometimes barely noticeable, they can move soil leaving air pockets. Landscaping does not always take concrete structures into consideration.  Ill planning  can leave moisture or pools resting on or near concrete.  Lastly, nature has a big role to play in soil erosion.  Ground movement caused by plant roots, freeze-thaw cycles, and damage caused by insects and animals are just some of the many ways environmental changes can lead to soil erosion.  All of these causes of soil erosion can leave you with concrete that needs to be lifted.   The best way to lift slabs is with PolyLevel.





PolyLevel is an expanding polyurethane foam that can fill voids in soil to prevent soil erosion. It is used to stabilize and strengthen loose soils. It will fill all voids and sink holes present in the ground. If you find any unevenness Level it out with PolyLevel before soil erosion has time to make it crack, degrade, sink or break even more. It works great even in large commercial concrete applications.

Prevent unevenness from becoming a disaster

‚ÄĚSoil erosion is a natural process. It is predictable. With PolyLevel you can be ready for whatever nature throws your way.

Brosco Concrete

6 reasons why

PolyLevel is the best choice for leveling after soil erosion.



Environmentally Friendly

Quick Curing


Strong but Light

Why You Should Hire Brosco Concrete to Level Your Concrete With PolyLevel

At Brosco Concrete we know how to fine tune the chemical reaction that controls the polyurethanes foam expansion. PolyLevel is highly adjustable to each individual application. We have the knowledge and experience required to determine how to use PolyLevel based on the weight of the structural element. We consider each, soil characteristics, temperature and weather conditions. We are also capable of producing special formulations for areas where water has been displaced. Understanding PolyLevel professionally makes a big difference in the results you receive. With Brosco Concrete you can rest assured the job will be done right.

Areas That

PolyLevel can Straighten Out The Situation

Lifting Slabs

Sink Holes





Rail Beds

Lifting Foundations


Leveling an unstable concrete structure?

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