Help My Concrete is Uneven!

Help My Concrete is Uneven!

It is nearly inevitable as concrete surfaces get older that they will begin to sink, become unlevelled or crack.  Sometimes with poor installation, this can happen to newer slabs too.  This is disappointing because we install concrete to improve our homes.  Uneven concrete is unsightly and can give the impression that a home is run down or not maintained. But concrete settling may or may not have anything to do with how well you maintain your property. Most often it has nothing to do with you at all.

That being said uneven concrete poses a tripping hazard for you, your family, and your guests.  Take action on these concrete faults to avoid accidents. Repairs are essential to the well-being of your loved ones.

Once concrete becomes unlevelled, the damage only worsens until you correct the problem. Since it can cost too much to pour a whole new driveway, or paved area an inexpensive way to make repairs is concrete leveling. Using this fix means the entire concrete area does not need to be replaced.  With concrete leveling, you will have a surface you can be proud of once more.

Call in the professionals, Brosco Concrete.  Projects like these should be left to the experts because specialized equipment, quality products not sold in hardware stores, and skilled knowledge is required for quality results. Brosco Concrete is the oldest and longest-running concrete slab lifting company in the area.

At Brosco Concrete we use PolyLevel concrete lifting which consists of a polyurethane expanding foam injection that raises your concrete to the proper elevation for a permanent solution to your settling concrete problems. This method works for both exterior and interior concrete slabs. Our team starts by drilling small 5/8″ holes through the settled slab. Next using environmentally friendly expanding foam, our team will inject to repair the failing subgrade. Polyurethane then expands, once the void beneath the slab is filled, operators then accurately and with control, lift the settled slab to its proper elevation.

We are aware that with unsettling comes cracks. Once leveled we want to ensure your concrete is restored to its prior beauty.  We take the time to effectively seal and repair concrete cracks, joints, and holes with the ultra-flexible NexusPro.  After the process is complete, faults are detailed with a thin layer of native sand to give a finished, smooth appearance.  You are left with aesthetically pleasing, property enhancing concrete.

There are also some great benefits that come from having leveled your concrete.  Your concrete slab is now impervious to water and moisture beneath it and resistant to freeze and thaw.  You fixed your concrete with minimal landscape disruption and at a small fraction of the cost of replacement. Concrete leveling also comes with a great warranty.

Many people only consider the driveway when it comes to concrete leveling.  However, there are so many places you can use it.  Some suggestions:  pool deck repair, interior concrete slab leveling, concrete steps repair, your garage slab, and porch/patio repair. At Brosco Concrete we believe you should have beautiful and safe concrete surfaces wherever they are and we have what it takes to provide you the help you need.