Concrete Parking Garage Maintenance and Repair

Concrete Parking Garage Maintenance and Repair

Concrete parking garage maintenance and repair are important considerations for a high-rise condo board, especially after winter. Let’s look at some risks and potential problems a concrete parking structure faces. Plus the importance of prevention, maintenance, concrete repair and restoration.

Concrete parking garages and other concrete structures, exposed to deicing salts, and other corrosive environments, deteriorate. Moisture is the other enemy of reinforced concrete. Chemical reactions between water and salt with the reinforcing steel and forms rust. This puts pressure on expansion joints and surrounding concrete.

If you leave the natural deterioration and ongoing corrosion of concrete surfaces unchecked, you risk significant concerns with the structural integrity. Beyond the poor physical appearance of a parking spot, this could mean eventual structural failure and collapse over the long term. Concrete parking garage maintenance and repair are not optional.

The key to avoiding significant structural damage resulting in unexpected repairs and dangerous consequences is routine maintenance. You can’t change the design of an existing underground parking structure. But, you can control the management of the waterproofing membrane.

  1. Powerwash the entire parking area
  2. Flush and clean floor drains and drain pipes
  3. Perform routine inspection of the moisture protection systems
  4. Limit the use of corrosive snow melting materials
  5. Budget for necessary repairs, restoration and eventual replacements

Hire a reputable contractor to repair any defects. Fix leaks on the underside of your concrete slab. Repair tears in the joint sealant. And investigate how to eliminate signs of standing water.

Planned rehabilitation can extend the life of the moisture protection system before replacement is necessary.

Don’t delay when replacement of waterproofing elements is required. Careful planning and budgeting allow for routine concrete parking garage maintenance and repair. And a healthy reserve fund allows for larger planned improvements and replacements.

The condo corporation’s governing documents outline how it must maintain the condo building on behalf of the unit owners. They dictate how the condo units, common elements, and even the condo parking units and visitor parking are managed.

Condo board members and unit owners must protect their real estate investment. Ensure your budget and reserve fund account for necessary concrete parking garage maintenance and repair. Protect your assets and health and safety.