Concrete Garage Floor Repair – Causes and Solutions

Concrete Garage Floor Repair – Causes and Solutions

Concrete garage floor repair is an important part of home maintenance. While it may seem typical, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to ignore. If your garage floor is cracking, spalling, or not level, determine a solution to prevent further issues.

Concrete shrinks and expands when temperatures change. Water can infiltrate your concrete. As the ground beneath the concrete slab settles and shifts, voids can occur. Despite cutting joints in the concrete to prevent cracks, they still happen.

If you notice the crack is growing or raised on one side that creates a tripping hazard, a concrete garage floor repair is necessary. 

So what are your options?

That is only a worst-case scenario. Replacing your concrete requires significant inconvenience because you have to break up the old then prepare and pour the new. It also means a bigger expense in most cases.

Before you embark on a DIY concrete garage floor repair, ensure you have confirmed the cause of the crack and research the pros and cons of the materials you plan to use. It should be a strong compound that resists water and you can be sand.

Water based or latex fillers aren’t recommended because they will shrink over time repeating the damage. Self levelling concrete isn’t right for cracks either. Too often DIY options are only temporary and issues recur.

Hiring a professional to assess the reasons means you get the correct solutions. Alternatives they might suggest include crack injections, void filling and concrete raising and levelling.

Brosco Concrete can visit your site to inspect the issues and provide recommendations for the best solution for your concrete garage floor repair. This ensures you fix it properly and extend the life of your floor, preventing future issues.

Exposing concrete to deicing salts or not finishing it properly often causes it to break off in small fragments. The right solution depends on the amount of damage. 

Is it cosmetic or structural damage? Should the method of concrete garage floor repair add height, will there still be enough clearance? Are there other issues to consider beyond the crumbling concrete surface? It’s best to have a professional inspect your floor and provide recommendations.

When the concrete slabs in the garage sink it is often because of the earth settling or voids beneath the slab. Sometimes it can be a more serious problem, such as underground water issues. For attached garages, sinking concrete garage floors pose an additional risk of water getting into your home. This is definitely a situation you want to consult a professional for advice on the best alternatives for concrete raising and levelling. 

Whether you require a concrete garage floor repair because of cracking, spalling, or sinking, Brosco has the experience and expertise to investigate the cause and present you with options to consider both the effectiveness of the repair and be kind to your budget.