Avoid Concrete Displacement with Drainage

Avoid Concrete Displacement with Drainage

Sinking or lifted driveways are often caused by poor drainage systems.  Dirt fill that was not properly compacted, or soil exposed to water excessively, can erode easily and cause driveways to go of-kilter. The reason why stormwater runoff is such a problem is that it can overwhelm storm drains and caused localized flooding alongside your concrete.  This flooding is what causes displacement.

“If you are already in a situation where poor water drainage has resulted in your driveway be being lifted or lowered, call your local experts in concrete leveling Brosco Concrete for a consultation.”

Management is everything when it comes to avoiding soil erosion. If you are finding water is slow to drain or is pooling near your concrete you might want to take action. There are many things you can do to help prevent improper driveway drainage. Here are some simple fixes that won’t break your budget.

One of the most common driveway drainage solutions is trench drains. It's essentially a gutter that is set into the ground. It conducts water away from your concrete and directs it to a storm sewer. They are a relatively inexpensive way to control flooding.

Channel drains are ideal for protecting your concrete slabs. They collect water very quickly. A channel drain is suitable for extensive areas and can protect an area as large as your driveway and garage.

If you already have pooling water on your concrete driveway you might want to consider leveling. But if you are not ready to do that yet dry wells are the best way to prevent standing water. You can stop the problem in it's tracks.

When drainage systems are implemented correctly they help ensure the maintenance and longevity of your driveway.  However, improper drainage could result in uneven concrete.  Take the precautions needed to care for your driveway correctly.  However, if worse comes to worst give Brosco Concrete a call.  We are more than able to level out any damage caused by driveway drainage problems.