6 Reasons PolyLevel Injection is The Best Way to Level Your Concrete

6 Reasons PolyLevel Injection is The Best Way to Level Your Concrete

Brosco concrete provides expert concrete leveling services using the best materials available in the industry. PolyLevel is an expanding polyurethane foam that is injected beneath the concrete to fill the gaps caused by soil erosion. It raises and stabilizes any unlevel concrete surface. Here at Brosco concrete we are convinced it is a superior way to level concrete. Here are 6 reasons you should choose PolyLevel too.

PolyLevel dries after only fifteen minutes after being injected. This makes concrete leveling projects done with this material quick and easy.

PolyLevel Chemicals are very stable and will not leach into the soil. This makes it environmentally friendly. Also, once deposited onto the soil Polyfill stays put resulting in no further displacement.

The formulation of the fill has multiple applications that can benefit the user. It can be changed to account for temperature and weather conditions. PolyLevel can be changed for areas where water is displaced and adjusted for soil characteristics. Experienced applicators like Brosco concrete can fine-tune how the fill is mixed and expands to meet each given situation.

PolyLevel is incredibly lightweight compared to standard fill. It miraculously can do the job at only four percent of the density. That means it is putting only four percent of the load onto what we have already identified as weaker soil. Despite how light weight it is the loads it can carry are substantial, typically having greater lifting power than even mudjacking.

PolyLevel will never erode from rain or flooding. It is one hundred percent waterproof. It will not wash away which in most applications is very practical and beneficial.

PolyLevel applications will not disturb the cleanliness of your home. Projects are not messy or disruptive. The equipment used by the technicians is not bulky or intrusive. Confined areas are easy to access.