An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The summer is now well over, and the temperatures are plummeting faster than we would like. As such we are all spending more time indoors, so outdoor projects are likely far from our minds. But if you have concrete lifting projects to do you might want to reconsider waiting until the spring. Here are 3 reasons autumn is the perfect time to lift your uneven concrete to avoid winter problems.

Your Project is Extremely Difficult in the Winter

The ground freeze is about a month away. When it comes so concrete lifting ground temperature is a pretty important factor in the feasibility of the project. If the ground is frozen you may have to postpone a lifting project that in all reality should not be delayed. While some projects can be pushed through in the winter, you will be paying more for the extra time, the materials are harder to use, and processes might have to be performed more than once to get good results. For a well done, timely project autumn is ideal.

Sunken Concrete Worsens in the Winter

We all know Canadian winters are known for their harsh conditions. When the earth freezes and thaws the ground shifts. This movement can turn a small problem into a serious issue. An issue you can avoid now. The cold may cause any cracked areas to grow larger and sunken concrete may sink even further. Fix your autumn problem at a small price, instead of your Spring disaster for a much larger expense.

Lifting the Concrete is Safer

With the holidays comes guests. Without leveling one might have people walking on unsafe ground. The winter season brings sleet, snow, slush, and ice, all dangers augmented by potentially unseen sunken concrete. It creates too many potential scenarios that don't end well. Unlevel concrete is a hazard and a liability. No one wants a holiday emergency. Schedule your slab lifting this autunm for the safety of your friends and family.

Enough Talk, Let's Do Something About It

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