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Brosco’s polyurethane void filling process uses expanding polyurethane foam, which is injected below any concrete slab. This process is used to fill voids and cavities and effectively seals and helps in the prevention of water infiltration.




Strong/ Light Weight


Polyurethane weighs only about 2-6lbs. per cubic ft., compared to 100-150lbs. per cubic foot for standard concrete grout fill material. Polyurethane’s lightweight characteristic makeup makes it useful where denser, heavier material might impose an undesirable load on already weak soils. Despite its lightweight structure, it can support substantial loads; it typically provides greater results and lifting power than traditional mud-jacking methods. The material basically Lifts, Levels and Stabilizes substrate by increasing load bearing characteristics.




Once injected and cured, polyurethane will not wash away. Due to its closed cell formulation water is not able to pass through, preventing any break down in material structure.


Stable and Inert


Polyurethane once fully cured which only takes about 10 seconds does not react with soil or moisture; it will not leach harmful chemicals into the soil. Hydro-insensitive materials are used which will set up in wet conditions.


Quick curing


Down time is minimized with a polyurethane concrete repair. Full loading of the structural element can usually happen about 15 minutes after the material is injected. Immediately ready for traffic use




Adjusting the density and expansive force of the 2 or 4lb foam allows a wide range of geotechnical uses. Lifting/ Void Filling force can be adjusted by fine-tuning the chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand. At Brosco our trained and experienced applicators can factor not only the weight of the structural element but also soil characteristics and temperature and weather conditions. Special formulations are possible for applications where water must be displaced.





Void filling pictureNon-invasive


Polyurethane machinery consists of only a flexible long hose enabling applicators to access confined areas without the use of heavy awkward equipment as was used in the past. Brosco’s Polyurethane system offers superior results with little to no mess and no disruption to surrounding areas.
















Voids under concrete


Washed out bridge approach slabs


Sink- holes


Behind replaced concrete wall panel


Culverts and pipes to be abandoned


Catch basins and manholes


Annular spaces — Tunnels


Main/ Individual unit floors in an apartment building


Rocking concrete floor panels


Abandoned mine shafts


Abandoned culverts, ducts & pipes


Trench filling/ Wash-outs








Walks/ steps/ patios adjacent to house foundation




“Critter control”


Wash out under basement slabs


Pool apron & decks

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